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All of our creations are applied on vegan textiles which come from organic agriculture.
As the brand is also attentive to the general conditions of production, the partners with whom Spirit of Kinship collaborates are either members of the Fair Wear Foundation or certified by GOTS.
Among other standards, they meet criteria which make sure that the work has not been provided by children, that the employees in the workshops work there by choice and not by obligation, and that wages are sufficient to live with dignity.


Spirit of Kinship was created to promote veganism by offering clothes pleasing by both the qualities of the fabrics and their neat design.
Spirit of Kinship’s creations are designed to allow those who wear them to express their convictions and a facet of veganism through humor, a little impertinence or by inviting to reflect.
Being vegan requires a lot of attention from sensitive consumers, which is why Spirit of Kinship ensures that all of our creations are applied on vegan textiles which come from organic agriculture.
In the years to follow, Spirit of Kinship will strive to implement its sense of innovation by renewing its range and developing its activity in order to allow everyone to enjoy its creations.


In view of the exploitation and maltreatment animals are subjected to, without any geographical distinction and the environmental issues that we face, it seems important to support the various associations which aim to improve the situation.
With this in mind, we give back one-tenth of our benefits to one of these associations chosen on the basis of complementary values.
We hope to increase their development and expand their field of action.
Every month, a new association, which you can discover on the homepage of our website, is selected. If you would like to propose an association or foundation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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